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Correcting Squeaks, Popping, Crunching and Hollow Sounds in Hardwood, Continued

        Hollow Sounds                                         •  For floating wood floors:
        Identification                                          •  Hollow sounds and slight vertical movement are
        Hollow sounds are audible noises that are produced within   considered normal when properly installed.
        the installed wood floor itself.
        Causes                                              When a void between the flooring and substrate is tied
        Hollow sounds can have a variety of causes, as follows:  directly to vertical deflection within the installed flooring
                                                            system, issues with flooring performance may become
          •  For nail-down wood floors:                     a factor and should be assessed on an individual basis.
             •  A flooring void (wormholes, shake, bark pockets,   Possible cures could include adhesive injections or
                engineered flooring core voids, etc.).      individual board replacement.
             •  Slight imperfections or voids in the subfloor.   The National Wood Flooring Association has detailed
                                                            information about wood flooring noises and corrections
          •  For glue-down wood floors:                     available through NWFA University, an online training
             •  A flooring void (wormholes, shake, bark pockets,   platform that is convenient and affordable. More
                engineered flooring core voids, etc.).      information is available at
             •  Slight imperfections or voids in the subfloor.
             •  Concrete subfloor flatness not within required   About the Author:
                tolerance (1/8” in 6’, or 3/16” in 10’).     Brett Miller is the Vice President of
             •  Small area voids in the adhesive or voids within   Technical Standards, Training &
                the properly applied adhesive.               Certification at the National Wood
                                                             Flooring Association where he is
             •  Inadequate bond between the subfloor and the   responsible for the NWFA’s technical
                adhesive (poor preparation or incompatibility).   training programs, as well as the NWFA’s
             •  Improper adhesive use.                       technical guidelines and standards.

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