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Table of Contents                                                           Vol. 10 No. 2| Mar./Apr. 2022

        Features                                          Departments
                                                          6  Publishers’ Note
        8  Causes and Cures of Squeaks, Popping, Crunching
           and Hollow Sounds in Hardwood                  43  New Products
           Columnist Brett Miller, NWFA vp technical standards, training
           and certifications, discusses the causes and cures of squeaks,
           popping, crunching and hollow sounds in hardwood.                                              MAR./APR. 2022
                                                                           • $6
        14 Proactive Solutions: The Calcium Chloride Moisture
           Test Re-Examined
           Much has been written about the Calcium Chloride Moisture   On the Cover:  Causes and Cures of Squeaks, Popping,
                                                                                    Crunching and Hollow Sounds
                                                                                     in Hardwood, p. 8
           Test (ASTM F1869) for concrete. Columnist David Seland of   Shown is Skyro Floors owner
           ISE Logik explains that although this test has in the past few   Ken Ballin of Tuckerton, NJ,
           years taken a backseat to the in-situ RH test (ASTM F2170), it   experiencing Bostik’s new Roll-  How to Prevent Vinyl Heat
                                                                                     Weld Failures, p. 20
                                                         Cote all-in-one primer, alkali
           is still in common use.
                                                         blocker and moisture vapor barrier
                                                         at last month’s TISE 2022 show in   Tile/Stone Talk: Exterior
                                                                                     Adhered Veneer, p. 40
        20 How to Prevent Vinyl Heat Weld Failures       Las Vegas. See more New Products,   The Calcium Chloride
                                                                                    Moisture Test
           Learn the solution to heat weld failures caused by a moisture   beginning on page 43. Photo   Re-Examined, p. 14
                                                                                    National Installer of
           condition in the slab, adhesive not dry, moving the welder   courtesy Bostik.  Year Winners, p. 28
                                                                                    Fundamental Part of
           too fast, cutting the groove too deep or too wide, groove                Training a
                                                                                    NTCA Membership
                                                                                    Benefits, p. 30
           contamination, starting to weld before the unit is totally               Hand and Power Tool
           warmed up and more, from columnist Ray Thompson, Jr.                     Safety, p. 38
        26 How to Take Care of Your Onsite Tools
           iQ Power Tools service and repair manager Bill Kennedy
           explains how to keep your tools in the best shape possible to
           ensure their long-lasting durability and efficiency.
                                                         Publishing & Sales Office
        28 TISE National Installer of the Year Competition  4607 Lakeview Canyon Rd.,
           Following a grueling hands-on competition at the recent TISE   Ste. 560
           2022 show, Chris Sessum of ECS Floorcovering, Lynnwood,   Westlake Village, CA 91361
           WA received top honor for the second straight time in the   Phone: (805) 870-5171
           carpet category, while Dave Bradfield of Andersons, Oakland,   Fax: (805) 272-9729
           CA garnered the crown in the resilient category.
                                                         Jeff Golden, Editor & Co-Publisher
        30 Training a Fundamental Part of NTCA Membership   Dan Lipman, Sales Manager & Co-Publisher
           Benefits                                      Mike Chmielecki, Senior Editor
           Over the last six years, the NTCA has diversified its education   Tony King, Art Director
           platform to not only include workshops, but regional hands-  Editorial Advisory Board:
           on training and NTCA University. NTCA education and   Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF); Floor Covering Installation
           curriculum director Becky Serbin explains.    Contractors Association (FCICA); INSTALL; International  Certified
                                                         Flooring Installers Association (CFI); National Tile Contractors Association
        36 Contractor Issues: How to Maintain LVT/LVP    (NTCA); National Association of Floor Covering Technicians (NAFCT);
           Flooring                                      National Institute of Floor Covering Inspectors (NIFCI); National Wood
           After an LVT or LVP floor is installed, columnist Robert   Flooring Association (NWFA); North American Laminate Floor Assn.; and
           Blochinger explains the need for regular cleaning and   World Floor Covering Association (WFCA).
           maintenance, or it may fail causing a costly callback.
                                                         PROINSTALLER MAGAZINE  Volume 10, Issue 2  (ISSN 2327-6312,  Print)
        38 A Quick Lesson on Hand and Power Tool Safety  and (ISSN 2327-6320, Online) is published by JG Media Group LLC, 4607
           Amy Johnston of Flooring Services, Inc. presents required and   Lakeview Canyon Rd., Ste. 560, Westlake Village, CA 91361. Telephone:
           recommended safety measures for using hand and power   (805) 870-5171, Fax: (805) 272-9729.  Annual rate for subscriptions in the
           tools.                                        U.S.A.: $30 USD.
        40 Tile/Stone Talk: Exterior Adhered Veneer      Annual rate for subscriptions to nonqualified individuals in Canada: $50
           Columnist Gregory Mowat, Forensic Tile Consultants details   (includes GST and postage); all other countries: $75 (airmail) USD.
           how exterior installations require an understanding of tile,   POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: PROINSTALLER MAGAZINE,
           masonry and code requirements for working with adhered   4607 Lakeview Canyon Rd., Ste. 560, Westlake Village, CA 91361.
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